http:// As the heel of her hand continues to rub through the ice on the window, the night sky begins to take on an almost pewter hue. She places her hand back in the pocket of her jacket. The ice particles that had melted from the warmth of her hand turned to a light film […]

Amazon Associate aStore     The impertinence of where one left off will hopefully be guided by the energy of the Archangel Uriel.   As beauty graces the failure of another or even of thyself, rhythms of love begin deep within his heart.  Is life their anything like our life here?  Is life on this planet […]

(2) Acronychal Rising: this is the last visible ascent from the eastern horizon after sunset; the star is now an evening star, and is visible all night. Wed, the 11th of January 2012 @ 17:39:25 MST—the Acronycal Rising of Pollux—for the Northern Hemisphere, will be in Rising position @ 13~ 45’ Cancer and effect the […]

What better way to honour a tradition that I have chosen to write in, then to begin learning a little about their language, the Japanese language. She places her hands together, the creases of the one hand touching the other. Her chin, bending slightly towards her chest suggests anxiety within a fragmented mind akin to […]

04 Apr Transit Neptune conjunt Pisces @ 06:48 am MST 00~ 00 Pisces As Neptune moves into the watery sign of Pisces, this fourteen year phase will be influenced by themes that have a spiritual slant; hopefully themes that will generate a universal dissolvent for the energy Uranus has unleashed upon Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear […]

A Full Moon is a time when conscious awareness chooses how its approximate four day cycle will reveal itself; the direction that the Moons monthly journey will help us realize. Key words during The Full Moon Phase are focusing, determination, and applying what has been learned from earlier phases of the Moon. In its own […]